What are Consignment Shops?

Consignment shops are often confused with Thrift Stores because they both sell second-hand merchandise. While they do share this characteristic, there’s also a major difference between them. With Thrift shops, the merchandise is donated and all the profits end up going back into the thrift shops or are donated to charities. People who donate the merchandise receive nothing in return except good karma and sometimes a tax deduction. When goods are sold on consignment, on the other hand, the profits are split between the consignment shop and the person who brings the items to be sold.

Since thrift shop merchandise is donated, for the most part shoppers get what they pay for, and clothes might be stained, ripped or generally worn. Most consignment shops won’t accept any merchandise unless it looks as if it’s new. For this reason, the goods sell at a higher price than those found at thrift stores. Because the owners split their profits, they want to get the highest price possible in exchange for their items, so the used merchandise can’t look second-hand.

In addition to clothing in poor condition, most consignment shops won’t accept used items unless they recognize the name on the label. In many cases, they are not interested in carrying generic brands or clothes originally purchased at discount stores.

Shopping consignment is a way to shop and save money. Our prices are based on 1/3 of the original. We’re confident that you’ll save time, money and our natural resources when you shop at Donna’s Consignment.

This is my favorite shop” is what we frequently hear from our customers. So why not come in and see what treasures you can find. Our inventory changes daily, name brands and more.

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