Dear Customers,

As the coronavirus COVID-19 continues to spread

throughout the province/country, where we all live and work, I

have consistently looked for ways to help protect the

health and safety of our employees and customers.

After a great deal of careful consideration,

I am TEMPORARILY CLOSING Donna’s Consignment Shop

as of Wednesday, March 18, until further notice.

I believe that

this is the right thing for our community and to

do all we can to help keep one another safe. This is a difficult

decision for any small business, and I do not make it lightly. My

decision is grounded in the belief that there are

more important things than business right now—we owe that to

one another. I will continue to monitor closely with

public health/government officials to understand how best to

serve our customers in a safe manner. In the meantime,

thank you for your understanding, your patience.

Be well and take care of one another.

If anyone has any questions, please go

to our Facebook® page and message me.

Donna @ Donna’s Consignment Shop

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